Patterson Edwards / Leeway Rocking Horses


The firm of Patterson Edwards dates from 1892 but it is not clear how many rocking horses were made in the early days. The Leeway brand name was used from about 1926 and it is these horses which are often found now. They were made until about 1970. The horses are simple in construction, carving and finish; it was difficult to make a profit on a large, hand crafted, wooden item .

forward looking eyes
 on Leeway horse This horse has had a few knocks but it shows the style of this brand. The painting is unlike any other make and easy to pick out: very bold and sprayed on, it can't have taken long to apply. The stands usually had rectangular section pillars. The eyes of these horses often seem to be set high and in the front of the face . The horses have large feet and straight back legs. Sidney is only 28" high and like small models of several other makers, he does not have separately carved teeth. The tack in the photo is original.

Many Leeway horses still have a transfer with the makers details on the stand. Larger models from the same era look very similar to Sidney but they may have shaped blocks of wood bracing the bases of the pillars. Even simpler Leeway horses are around; they have square bodies and the same paint pattern.

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