Tiptoes - Norton & Barker

Tiptoes unrestored

Tiptoes is 42" high and is shown when he came in for restoration. He has been overpainted in white and this does make the overall shape very clear. The back and the legs are very straight, the head a distinctive narrow shape, and the hoofs are elongated and pointed. The swing irons have been put throught the hoof rails too close to the hoof; one hoof has had a notch cut out of it to allow space for the iron. This is a design fault and may not be seen on all Norton and Barker horses.

The swing irons are clamped to the top rail exactly above the pillars. While this may seem a strong method of construction, it has serious disadvantages. The junction between the rail and pillar takes a huge amount of strain and it should not be weakened in any way with extra screws or bolt holes very close to the joint. Some other makers also use this poor design.
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