Harold Wakefield

Harold in 2007

Harold Wakefield lived in Boston, Lincolnshire and he made rocking horses from the late 1900s to about 2012. He was a gifted artist and craftsman and also made smaller very detailed and realistic wooden sculptures of horses.

His rocking horses were mostly made to order and commissioned to individual specifications. He also sold a range of more standard horses through a London outlet.
They all have great detail and beautiful heads - the examples I have seen have kind eyes and gentle expressions. Most of the commissioned horses have carved manes and tails, the standard ones often had hair manes and tails. His horses have exceptional anatomical detail showing extensive muscling and veins. The eyes shine but they are painted, not glass.
Good quality removable saddlery was usually fitted and the horses I've seen are labelled with his name. They are special and I am saddened that he is no longer here to make any more beautiful rocking horses.

The photo here shows Harold making my horse Drift in 2007.

The following pages show a few examples of Wakefield rocking horses. Heights are noted; floor to the highest point of the horse on its stand.

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