Trevor Wiffen

Two Trevor Wiffen horses

Trevor Wiffen makes extraordinary and wonderful rocking horses. Everything about them is different from both the antique and contemporary horses we usually find
Trevor started out working as an apprentice carpenter / joiner but then went to art school and moved on to stained glass. He later worked with stained glass at Salisbury cathedral, and in 1973 made a horse for his children using scrap wood from the carpenter's workshop there. A business developed and Trevor's iconic style took rocking horses in a new direction.
The horses were sold in various ways - recommendations and commissions, from a shop in Bath 'The Gift Horse' and via other outlets. Both Patricia Mullins and Marguerite Fawdry refer to them in their books, Patricia being very impressed....'his exciting, comtemproary designs remain unparalled.' Note there is a small typo in Patricia's book, Wiffen is spelt incorrectly with an 'h'.

I don't think Trevor has made any horses for several years now.

Many horses feature animals on the bows - so much character in them and they are made with great skill by someone who knew how to capture the essence and spirit of the subject.
Generally the horses had no saddlery at all. They were on bows without platforms ( but with central cross pieces) and nearly all were completely carved. A few early ones had hair tails.

Trevor also made some other rocking animals: there are a pig and a deer below.

The following pages show a few examples of Wiffen rocking horses.
Heights are noted where known; floor to the highest point of the horse on its stand.

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